Radical life change doesn't come easy! It requires, strength, faith, diligence and sometimes, counseling. My struggle toward radical life change almost cost me everything, my marriage, family, career, and personal sanity! But I found freedom and you can too! Click on the button above for a short video that tells you more. 

Living in a life style of addiction to porn and sexual acting out destroys a man, his family and many times his career. Freedom is actually easier than it seems! It takes work but it's far less work than covering up what is happening.  Click on the button above for a short video and discover the actions needed to live pure.

This site is more than just a way to connect with us for counseling. We are building a series of courses designed to help you in life. Whether you need help with purity, your marriage or spiritual growth, there will be a course for you! Click the button above for a short video explaining our Course Topics.